Vanessa Budde, Jula Reichling, Clemens Kreatsch, Marc Lazarovici, Ulrich Eck


Due to demographic changes, a lack of medical expertise in special and rare cases may occur. One possible solution to overcome this deciency is the use of a teleconsultation system. This system makes it possible to remotely connect a medical expert. New technology developments, like AR- technologies, enable advanced and new applications of those systems. The present paper describes the results of expert interviews regarding attitudes towards and requirements on an AR-based teleconsultation system for telemedicine. The interviews were conducted with emergency doctors and paramedics already using an existing consultation system for telemedicine. Our aim was to gain insights into their attitudes towards and experiences with the current system, their requirements on an AR-based teleconsultation system as well as their attitudes and valuations towards the use of an avatar within such a system. Another focus of our study was on their estimation of the inuence of such a system on the patient-paramedic-interaction. The interviews were recorded, transcribed and analysed using qualitative content analysis. The results were used to derive initial requirements for a new AR-based teleconsultation system and to gain a better understanding of users’ needs. Results are discussed in the light of an early stage in the development process. According to the approach of human centred design the results serve as initial ndings which will be considered in the further development process.

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